About Us
Alnoor Website,

Alnoor website is one of the projects of "MITHAQ" Company for Media production, that is exclusively specialized in translating Turkish historical and educational TV series, as well as foreign likewise TV series. AlNoor website also produces TV programs and Documentaries.
Our website is the first and only Arabic site which got the broadcast rights of the Turkish TV series "Resurrection of Ertugrul, that enjoys large audience in the Arab world. That right was given under a partnership agreement with the Turkish Radio and Television institution TRT, which produces it.
Noor Website got the broadcast and translation rights of the series: Resurrection of Ertugrul", "Filinta", "Sultan Abdul Hamid and Yunus Emre" and "Seddülbahir". In addition to "The Battle of Kut Al Amara" which will be broadcasted soon.
MITHAQ Company represented by Noor website, to provide the best and most elegant Turkish and Foreign films and TV series to the Viewer.